The Windward Coup

For one of six it was the end ‘pon fateful Windward Isle,
A widow and her children plot for pirates to beguile.
The bells chiming the weddings end were heard again that night,
The sun sank low beneath the waves as fog rolled into sight.

The contents of the Thresher crawled out the dirty sea,
The lethal blades of bastards only one did flee.
The whispering dwarf began to cry and in fear began to soar,
To join his coward master too scared to come ashore.

The Half-orc disappeared as their crew began to scream,
And with a single spell fire burst the Thresher’s seams.
As splinters rained upon the shore the people gave a cheer,
The captain seeking mercy fell to her knees in fear.

And so the Lady of the Rock retired from her claim,
As after 2 short hours, she’d been widowed once again.
Now the young Van-Helgen’s rule in Smythee’s stead,
Restoring the Isle’s peace and wealth with the Baron dead!

People rejoiced for days on end and praised the Pirate’s names,
But the crew lost their faithful friend to whom they owed their fame.
And so the Bastard leaves the isle where one of six remain,
Soon the wormwood will return her crew eager to be slain!

The Windward Coup

Skull & Shackles jquixotic