Rolling the Bones

The following circumstances demand or offer a chance at Rolling the Bones (2d6)

Hit Points at -1 or below (but not dead)

  • If the character wishes, he can consult Table 11-1 on page 124 of Skull and Bones and add the result to the Fortitude save to remain conscious (DC 10 + negative amount).

Dramatic Event (no more than 1/gaming session)

  • If a character likes, he may roll the bones once during a dramatic effect. Consult Table 11-1 on page 124 of Skull and Bones.

Fatal Event

  • Result of 2-6, the character dies and loses a life (see below).
  • Result of 6-12, the character lives but is removed from the scene in some fashion. For example, he could wash up on a deserted island, be imprisoned, kidnapped, spirited away, etc. His fate is usually a mystery to the other players.

Losing a Life

  • PCs begin play with 1D4+2 lives. This number is kept secret from the players
  • Each time a PC loses a life (but not his last), he must roll on the Affliction chart below
  1. Lose an arm -4 to att. with two-handed weapons and all physical skills
  2. Lose a leg: Speed halved, cannot charge, -2 on climb, acrobatics, disguise, escape artist, ride, stealth, swim
  3. Lose a hand: -2 to att. with two-handed and climb, acrobatics, disguise, escape artist, swim, craft, perform, sleight of hand
  4. Lose an eye: -2 perception and ranged weapons
  5. Disfiguring scar: -2 Comeliness
  6. Debt: You owe a powerful being of evil a blood debt
  7. Lose an ear: -1 Comeliness and -2 Perception
  8. Lose a finger: -1 Dexterity for every 3 fingers lost
  9. Weathered: -1 Comeliness
  10. Hideous Scar: -2 Diplomacy and Bluff, +2 Intimidate and Reputation
  11. Minor scar: Interesting but no more
  12. Feel it in my bones: +1 Knowledge Nature
  13. Doll’s Eyes: You have the cold, Predatory eyes of a shark. +2 Intimidate and Perception. -2 Diplomacy and Bluff
  14. Phobia: You acquire a phobia related to your near-death experience and a superstition to combat it.
  15. Debt: You owe a powerful being of good a blood debt
  16. Religious Experience: +2 Knowledge religion
  17. Secret: You discover a secret of great import
  18. Physical Alteration: You gain a shocking physical trait (green hair, purple eye, pallid skin, etc.) +1 Reputation
  19. Battle Scar +2 Reputation
  20. Impressive scar: +1 Comeliness, Charisma, Reputation

Rolling the Bones

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