• Can never be more than a character’s level x4
  • Group reputation is an average of all PCs individual reputation

Acquiring Reputation

  • Unless otherwise noted, a PC can only gain Reputation from a deed the first time it is accomplished

Feat & Modifier
Accept a pirate name 3
Perform an impossible stunt* (DC 30+) 1
Allow a disarmed opponent to regain his weapon 1
Prey on a fleet of three or more ships (in a single day) 3
Base attack bonus of 8 or higher 1
Base attack bonus of 15 or higher 2
Receive a blessing from an important religious figure** 2
Become associated with a magic item 1
Run the Eye of Abendego 2
Become associated with an artifact 3
Relieve yourself on enemy corpse in full view of its companions 1
Become a captain of your own ship 2
Cast a spell of 3rd level or higher 1
Sacrifice your life for that of another 3
Cast a spell of 7th level or higher 3
Sail under a personal flag 1
Choose a pirate name 1
Slaughter a crew at your mercy 2
Commit an act of colossal stupidity and survive* 1
Slay a beast of 20+ HD 1
Defeat a War Galleon 3
Slay a sea serpent 1
Defeat an adversary of each fame level 1
Slay a dragon 2
Each ability score 22 or above** 1
Spare an enemy crew 1
Enter mortal combat sans armor or magical protection 1
Spend 500 gp on wine, women, and song in a single day 1
Escaping a public execution* 2
Still breathing after 6 deaths 5
Fight and win a game of Bloody Twins* 1
Still breathing after 3 deaths 3
Fight and win a game of Beaten Eyes* 1
Fight and win a battle in the Coliseum* 2
Survive a shipwreck 1
Fight and win a formal duel** 1
Survive deadly poison 1
Fight and win a barroom brawl* 1
Survive a marooning of 4+ weeks 1
Humiliate a more powerful enemy** 1
Survive a single attack of 50+ damage 1
Join the Pirate Council 3
Survive a direct hit from a ballista 1
Lead a slave revolt 1
Survive a direct hit from a fireball or lightning bolt 1
Live through a fatal event** 1
Take a haul of 5,000 gp or more 2
Locate a lost/buried treasure** 1
Take a haul of 10,000 gp or more** 3
Make a daring escape** 1
Upgrade your ship 3 times 1
Obtain a letter of Marquee 1
Upgrade your ship 6 times 1
Outwit a superior opponent** 1
Win a drinking contest* 1

must be witnessed by a crowd of 25 or more people*

Loss of Reputation
Sadly, Reputation can take years to earn and moments to lose. A PC may suffer each of these circumstantial modifiers as many times as his dumb or unlucky actions allow.

Circumstance & Modifier
Betraying a crewmember in good standing to lawful authority -1
Paying an extortionist or suffering a shakedown -1
Claiming someone else’s deeds -1
Public Shaming* -1
Dying at the hands of a weaker opponent -2
Every January 1st -1
Regularly failing Besmara’s Tithe -1
Failing to defend one’s pride or the pride of the group -1
Refusing a formal duel -1
Fleeing from an equal or lesser foe -1
Severe alignment violation -3
Honest employment lasting longer than a week -1
Shunning adventure -1
Imprisonment lasting more than a week -1
Theft or loss of one’s unique flag or battle standard -1
Kneeling -1
Violating a Blood Oath -3
Noteworthy alignment violation -1
Violating the Pirate Code -2

*must be witnessed by a crowd of 25 or more people

Reputation Levels (Fame Die)
Once per day a PC may attempt to leverage his Reputation to bolster his chance of success on an attack role, skill use, saving throw, etc. Doing so requires that the PC convincingly explain how his previous exploits or experience help to ensure success. After making a successful plea, the PC adds the Fame Die of his current Reputation level to the relevant roll.

Nobody (0-5)

  • As the title indicates, you’re nothing special, just another barnacle on the stern-end of humanity. You have a long rope to climb to respect and notoriety, but hey, everyone starts somewhere.
  • No die

Active (6-10)

  • Locals have begun to take notice of your feats and the regulars recognize your mug, if not your name.
  • 1d2

Distinguished (11-15)

  • Tales of your exploits are circulated in taverns and grogshops, though details vary wildly. You’re easily recognized in your usual haunts, though no fit description travels far beyond.
  • (1d3)

Well-known (16-20)

  • Your exploits are well-known near your home port, and stories have begun to circulate in the wider region. General sea-dogs may recognize your name, but they don’t yet give a damn.
  • 1d4

Illustrious (21-25)

  • Your name is broadly recognized and praised among buccaneers of your home waters. You cannot buy a drink in your favored port, and you only sleep alone by choice. Across the waters, your name and flag are known and beginning to draw attention.
  • 1d6

Renowned (26-30)

  • Your name is well-known throughout the Shackles. You are cursed by merchants and praised by pirates and privateers. If loyal to a specific race, nation, or Council Captain, you are esteemed in all such relations and dealt with favorably. Stories about you are accurate and your image circulated by friend and foe alike.
  • 1d8

Notorious (31-35)

  • Fear has quickly followed fame, as your martial skills and terrible talents are made known throughout the Shackles.
  • 1d10

Infamous (36-40)

  • Your name is on the lips and in the ears of all peoples of the Shackles. If loyal to a specific race, nation, or Council Captain, you are regarded as a treasured hero among them. Your bearing and flag are easily recognized and respect nearly always forthcoming.
  • 1d12

Dread (41-49)

  • So great is your reputation that only the desperate and the insane dare cross you. Your visage graces both statues and wanted posters, and, through fear or admiration, all are quick to do your bidding.
  • 1d20

Legendary (50+)

  • You have made a “great noise in the world”. Warships are regularly dispatched to bring you to justice. Worse, at this level of notoriety even blood enemies may put aside differences in their quest to destroy you. If loyal to a specific race, nation, or Council Captain, you are asked to give up the pirate life and take part in governance of those people, or simply retire to a life of wealth and fame. You are recognized on sight everywhere you go, and there is no one who will not, at the very least, have heard of you. People in your company often expect the impossible to happen and they are seldom disappointed.
  • Automatic (no die roll required)

Activating Reputation
To activate reputation, the PCs must moor their ship at a port for 1 full day, and the PC determined by the group (or a well-paid shantyman/bard) to be its main storyteller must spend this time on shore carousing and boasting of the group’s deeds. This PC must make either a Diplomacy or Perform check to gauge the effectiveness of his recounting or embellishing.

  • The DC of this check is equal to 15+twice the PC’s level. If successful, the party’s deeds have entered into local lore.
  • If the result exceeds the DC by +5, the party gains an additional +1 to Reputation (this applies even to PCs that did not gain Reputation in the actual action –in other words, reputation by association)
  • If the result exceeds the DC by +10, the party gains an additional +2 to Reputation (this applies even to PCs that did not gain Reputation in the actual action –in other words, reputation by association)
  • In addition to the Diplomacy or Perform check, the PC may make a Bluff check in order to artfully embellish the story. The DC of this check is 15+twice the PC’s level. If successful, the activated Reputation is increased by +1. If unsuccessful, the party suffers a -1 to Reputation and no other Reputation is activated that day. In addition, the story is sullied thereabouts and the PCs must find a new port to spread word of their deeds. If a witness is present that wishes to dispute the tall-tale, he may do so on a successful opposed Bluff, Diplomacy, or Perform check. If he is successful, the PC’s embellishment fails.
  • The PC can achieve a +2 to any of these checks by spending 50 gp on wine, women, and song for his audience.


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